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August 22, 2013

Very Bohemian

Bookshelves floor to ceiling via Moon to Moon

Photos from Moon to Moon my new favorite blog. Very bohemian.

I've had a theory ever since I finished reading Night Studio by Musa Mayer. In the book the author, daughter of great American painter Philip Guston, talks about how different she felt growing up.

more from Moon to Moon
     "We were different, that was it. Our life was bohemian, romantic. An adventure".

She talks about the importance of meeting other kids she could relate to, who had artwork hanging and bookshelves lining their living rooms.

Bohemian bookshelf via Moon to Moon
In my wrestling and restless search for a more cultural environment to live in, I've decided to pay particular attention to those who live with or without bookshelves in their homes.

I'm on a mission to make friends with as many book loving bohemians I can find.

My own meager bookshelf
more meager bookshelves

my house