November 20, 2020

Pandemic Portraits, Beacon, NY

It didn't make it into the recent article, "Beacon In Quarantine", in the Highlands Current, but here's Nancy LeVine's photo of me on my stoop. Her documentary project Quarantined Folks In Beacon During The Pandemic of 2020 is meant as a record of our time and includes 80 Beacon artists who were asked to be photographed in front of their spaces and write a paragraph about their experience during quarantine. 

Nancy LeVine Photography

Here's what I wrote:

I just moved to a new place at the very beginning of the quarantine, which added a great deal to my stress in this situation. I am now living alone for the first time in almost twenty years, and this has changed my view of isolation quite a bit. As an artist who has sought creative solitude my whole life, there’s something about this that feels very different. My art studio is now adjacent to my living room, and I am out of work due to the pandemic, so I have all the time and space I could want, yet I haven’t been able to focus on my artwork for more than short spurts. Usually when I’m overwhelmed and unable to concentrate on my large paintings, I work on smaller projects, and this is what I’ve been occupying my time with; drawing, collage, knitting. I’ve also been reading a lot more than usual. The pandemic is bringing some real truth to the surface. It’s an opportunity to prioritize what’s really important, as opposed to what merely takes up our time and energy. It is more than challenging to live in a moment where the future is so unknown, but it forces us to be present and accept the moment as it is. Everyone is suffering in one way or another, but there is an opportunity for change here, which is hopeful. I feel the power of all of us being in this together. I’m still here, and there must be a reason for that! We each have a purpose to fulfill that is greater than just us alone.