August 24, 2020

Pandemic blues and opportunities

This week I picked up the paintings from my show at Pen & Brush. Thrilled to have been asked to participate, thrilled that we were able to have an opening reception right before the pandemic, but crushed that no one got to see the show, and that those paintings are now rolled up in storage and will probably not get shown again. Also this week I finally got word about the artist residency program I was supposed to participate in this month at Arts Letters & Numbers. It is now officially postponed until further notice. 

I am extremely fortunate to be on my own, with a place to live and work, and the freedom of time and commitment, but having all communal activities shuttered or postponed, some indefinitely, is certainly bittersweet. 

Time itself is bittersweet. The state of the world, our country, our communities, leaves me feeling scattered and restless. 

I'm aware that this time I've been given is a gift, an opportunity to be focused and introspective, innovative, productive. So, each week I start all over with lists of how not to squander it. How to make the most of these moments. 

As today is Monday, I guess I'm sending this out into the world to anyone else feeling this way-
Keep working! little by little by little... 

Untitled Pink I, oil on canvas, approx. 46x40 inches

Untitled Pink II, oil on canvas, approx. 46x40 inches

Untitled Pink III, oil on canvas, approx. 27x35 inches


Michael Kriegh said...

Glad you are continuing to make Samantha. The new paintings are terrific. I feel your pain on your show. I still don't know if my solo show at WAAM will happen. I am beginning to think not. Re continuing to make the work. I am grateful to have had a daily discipline going into the pandemic. I've been able to keep it going the whole time. Sometimes I wonder why, for what, but the next day I get up and do it again. I think it is the soul condition of being an artist. Keep making! Keep writing!

Samantha Palmeri said...

Thank you Michael! Grateful for your comments, and every time I see a photo you've taken I'm inspired to keep going too! Really hope your show at WAAM happens

Unknown said...

These paintings show another advance in direction and imagination. You keep evolving at a rock steady pace despite all the bullshit around you. What would it benefit you, your loved ones or the world if you took more of the weight of these bad, sad times on your shoulders? No, the benefit comes from your persistence and hard work and determination to keep moving forward. The world is dark, getting darker, but it is obvious from these paintings that your vision remains clear and strong.

Unknown said...

Thank you Samantha for sharing your thoughts and feelings. I enjoy seeing your work and watching it grow.