January 21, 2019

Reference images for paintings

I've spent the last week preparing canvases. Cutting, pasting, screwing, priming, etc. I have not decided how to tackle the actual painting part yet. Today I printed some reference photos as a point of departure, a jumping-off point to get me started. 
It is everyday things that I find most interesting. I catch a glimpse of something and imagine a whole world within it and around it. These glimpses can sometimes be very personal parts of me and my day. Mostly they evoke something greater than just color or composition, something I can't really articulate. One day I would like to publish a whole book of my reference photos and collages. 
dreadlocks. this color. 

cherry tomatoes from the garden

this is dough.

a dwarf maple tree in my backyard


food that's gone bad and ends up in the trash is both an ongoing challenge, and resource for my work.
stemming from my desire to never let anything go to waste and my guilty conscience when it does

spotted this giant ball of rope at a friend's studio

clearly I'm obsessed

this is not a staged photo. the dirty dishes were really piled that high 

Some photos are from Instagram and Pinterest. Sorry some image credits are unknown. If I've swiped a photo from you unknowingly, thank you! and let me know so I can give you credit.


Michael Kriegh said...

A book of your reference photos would be very interesting, though you'd have to leave out the ones you can't give credit on...looking forward to new work from you!

Samantha Palmeri said...

Thank you Michael!

Anonymous said...

I also love my collection of reference photos...a book would be great for people that enjoy process!! I still use lol and I also and a fan of the exclamation point as you can see. I look forward to seeing more interesting shots from life....art or reference!

Samantha Palmeri said...

Thank you. I’m trying to cut down on the exclamations but it’s a tough habit to break!