December 28, 2015

Which Of These

I've been picking up new books like crazy lately and can't decide which one to read first. Started two of them already but haven't gotten very far, two are brand new from Christmas, and the Secrets and Psychology of Waiting in Line I half read out loud at the bar at Spotty Dog.  

What do you think? Which of these should I read first??
clockwise from top left: Hold Still by Sally Mann, M Train by Patti Smith, Why Does The Other Line Always Move Faster by David Andrews, Daisy Miller by Henry James, Lady of Yaddo by Lynn Esmay, This Is Not It by Lynne Tillman, A Backward Glance: An Autobiography by Edith Wharton, New York Diaries edited by Teresa Carpenter, Solitude by Anthony Storr



Ashley Moench said...

Solitude is an excellent book.

Samantha Palmeri said...

Well I've gone with Henry James' Daisy Miller, although I had 2 suggestions for Solitude, strangely enough, one for Hold Still and one for M Train. Decision was made in part because it's a classic but mostly because it's only 64 pages long and I'll be done with it by this afternoon when I get back from the studio! Thanks people for the suggestions...