January 6, 2015

why I hate January

making progress
little by little
precept upon precept

Apparently this is the time every year where art wrestling really catches up with me.
January advertises itself, with the help of the rest of the world, as the time of year to basically get your shit together no matter what you're doing. Words like efficient, frugal, economy, organization and focus come to mind. I hate January. For some reason all of a sudden I feel like I have to complete all my dreaded domestic duties before I can venture to the studio on a daily basis. It must be a mental thing like I can't get off the table until I finish my brussel sprouts. If I go to work and neglect the rest of life I feel very guilty over it, but then if I neglect my work I feel guilty and miserable as well. It's a catch-22, and it's all January's fault.

When I finally get to the studio I will tape new oil paper to the floor that I'll sweep clean. I'll stretch 4 new canvases 50X50" that I bought myself for Christmas, and I'll attempt to make myself a new painting table before my little blue one falls apart completely. By that time it should be mid-January.

I'll be a frugal and efficient machine by then...

(well, you know, we all think we're going to lose 15 lbs. a week on our new January diets too).

For optimism's sake I promise to post pictures of my new painting table!

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