October 28, 2014

Feeling Groovy

some exciting news to report:

yellow is making an appearance in my paintings for the first time ever
perhaps neon next
one possible cause
my new sunglasses have been turning this into one of the greatest autumns ever

also I now say "morning" to people on the street on my walk to school to drop off my daughter
with a nod of the head to boot like Bert from Mary Poppins tipping his hat in 1964

when I get to my studio I'm doing a little Mister Rogers rendition
switching my street shoes to painting shoes before I get my smock on
and pretty happy about it too
no whistling or singing yet
however Feeling Groovy did pop into my head the other morning

this pretty much sums up the reasoning for no long drawn out blog posts lately

it's that I have absolutely nothing to complain about!

I've been feeling so un-self-conscious lately
all the things that used to bother me that I blogged about
have become moot issues.
like organizing my studio,
and worrying about getting too distracted and wasting all my time,
wondering about the work I make and the clutter in my house,
ambition, success,
even if I have enough books on my bookshelf...
(all blogs that I have written)
it's hard to believe but true.

even with all my usual procrastinating and laziness
this new found freedom has brought all kinds of groovy things my way
including a great new work ethic.
I can't drag myself away from the studio some days!
I'm even happier doing all the annoying domestic things that I used to hate.

self-consciousness is such an interesting thing because it's both positive and negative at the same time. socially it's uncomfortably nervous and ill at ease. that's the negative part, but for an artist it's a necessary sense of self awareness and idiosyncrasy. uncertainty is an artist's friend because you need that kind of truthfulness to make anything worthwhile. I think what I'm learning is how to keep my self-consciousness in the studio and leave it there when I go home. I guess my emotions are learning to behave themselves for a change...