July 30, 2014

brand new art studio

We've finally made it to our new home in Beacon, New York!
here's some pics of my brand new art studio

my new studio: big beautiful empty space!

empty: but not for long 

view of studio building (the old Beacon High School) & Mt. Beacon which I can see if I stick my head out the window
Over the years I've occupied a lot of different spaces: a converted garage, an unfinished basement, my one bedroom apartment, the back room of two art galleries, the third floor dressing room of an abandoned 19th century theater... but this is the first time I am at an actual artist building in a proper "artist studio". V E R Y exciting!

If you're not exactly sure what "a proper artist studio" really means, well, neither am I! A great book exploring the matter is The Studio Reader: on the space of artists edited by Mary Jane Jacob and Michelle Grabner.