May 26, 2014

is anyone else as sick of hearing about me move as I am?

when we get there........

this has been a week from hell. for all intents and purposes moving should be avoided in life as much as humanly possible.

it is desperately debilitating.
I am now eyeball deep in boxes, labels, and tape that doesn't stick where I want
but sticks to everything else.

gobs of every material reality of our life are overflowing out of the garbage receptacle on the street. we have only managed to suppress the trauma with martinis and chinese take-out.

the positives of the experience:
it is finally happening and our lives are about to change in ways that we've only dreamed about.

needless to say you may not see a post from me for a little bit. we have a month long detour at beautiful Long Beach Island. perfect scenario as I will be passed out for a while after this.
there will be a lot of loafing and idling, lying in the sand, staring into the sunset etc.

actually maybe I'll get more writing done than I think as I'll have not much else to do!

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Ilya said...

Some people love moving- I think they like the excitement of being somewhere new.