December 10, 2013

Christmas at my house

every year during the holiday season I try my hardest to stay focused on my work and not get completely sidetracked. this year of course is no exception, and this year like every other year I'll keep dreaming! it's hard enough working through trying to sell your house and having to keep a neat studio, but like it happens every year, my studio is also now filled with Christmas boxes from the attic. I've decided to let it go and embrace what might be our last Christmas in this house. although I told everyone we're keeping it simple this year we keep finding more things to decorate and make for Christmas.

this year we put the tree in a different spot
the traditionalists in the house were not happy but I think it looks lovely,
and neater, which is a new criteria for us
we decided on only white ornaments

but then Anna found this oldie but goodie in red
the piano got a make-over

as did the antelope

even the fish tank got some tinsel
and I finally found a purpose for that thing I made in ceramics class

although there were a lot of things we kept in the box this year, simpler is better sometimes. in the end it's kinda nice getting sidetracked by such fun things to do with your family. this year I'm into it, hope you are too!

happy holidays everyone

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