December 18, 2013

a few of my favorite things

'Tis the season of
t h i n g s
after a week of shopping, looking and figuring out what to tell people I want for Christmas, I'm naturally taking stock of the things I already have and love.
Here's a closer look at some of my favorite things~

1. small white shell from my best friend's private beach in Florida 2. Hand painted tin mirror from Mexico 3. tiny hand painted paper mache box from a little company in Pennsylvania 4. A gift from my friend Wendy 5. A hand beaded Huichol Indian ceremonial drum, my husband's prized possession
One of the first shells we found on the bay when we moved here
1. Ceramic sculpture by Staten Island artist Victoria Bellinger 2. tiny purse from my mother's jewelry box I've kept since I was a kid 3. Hand painted tamborine by artist Keith Waa 4. souvenir from trip to Paris 5. Wall hanging handmade by Peruvian artists out of recycled bathing suits 6. another ceramic head by Victoria Bellinger only an inch tall 7. my rhinestone paris pin circa 1986
a closer close-up of paper mache box
little beaded container with lavender from the garden
Sometimes it really is nice to appreciate the things 
we already have~

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