September 26, 2013

An Affair with a Lounge Chair

Affair with Lounge Chair, steel and canvas, 21.5 X 72"

Lately I've been learning the art of Relaxation.

I finally got around to organizing my nearly abandoned backyard, and for the first time in two years whipped out the pair of lounge chairs that have been sitting in the shed unused. They're the kind I had when I was a kid with the steel frame that makes a snapping sound every time you lift the back or the feet. I've left them happily out on the patio awaiting my every return.

It's been sheer bliss! I'm out there every chance I get. I take off my shoes and close my eyes and it's like I'm on my own little island. You can plop that lounge in the sand, the grass, the pavement or the dirt and it still feels the same.

There really is an art to being able to relax without the guilt.
It's only enjoyable if you do it right, and I'm learning that you're only doing it right if you can get past the feelings that you should be doing something else. It's amazing how far we've gotten away from such a simple pleasure. They should really be teaching classes on this stuff, How to Relax without the Guilt.

Not to mention I think my lounge chair is making me smarter! While I'm content to do nothing but lap up the sun and the breeze like a fat cat out there, I've noticed that I've been able to get a lot of good thinking done. It's giving me time to see things clearly, get my thoughts together, work on ideas for new projects, write shit up like this, etc. So far I've written 3 potential new blogs, made about 100 yards of rope for my new Laundry Meat Rope project (which I'll talk more about later), and come up with ideas for dinner parties, Halloween costumes and our trip to California...

I heard an interesting discussion one time, probably on NPR radio but I can't remember. It was about research studies done on the practice and resting habits of successful professional musicians compared to those who were not as successful. The resulting studies concluded that those musicians who rested more in between practicing and took naps during the day were more successful than those who actually practiced for longer stretches at once but did not rest as much.

Well, you know I love studies like that! There's a lot to be said for giving your creative mind enough time to work properly.

This morning I woke up and noticed that the house has become an absolute disaster since I've been doing all this relaxing. My studio is also looking a little worse for wear. So off I go. It's unavoidable, I will have to go a day without the lounge. Anyway, I think it's starting to rain...

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