June 29, 2013

my last day

debilitating thoughts of having so much to do
that I'm just sitting here in a big pile
procrastinating with my blog
not much art wrestling
unless packing artwork into boxes I won't look at for months
this is how I waste my time!

I keep saying I'll do it tomorrow
and now tomorrow is my last day

I used to have a sign in my studio that said
any time spent in the studio is not a waste of time
meaning even if you spent the day cleaning it

it was better than not being in there
or if you spent half the day sitting there staring at
half finished canvases
or just went in there to listen to music or read a magazine
it was better than not being in there at all

I just packed that sign into a box I have no idea when I'll see again
Whose idea was this to move my studio,
business, and house at the same time??
Remind me to remind myself how stupid that was

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