May 15, 2013

Help us find a place to live

I just heard the grass grow!

While weeding this morning I could hear the crackling of the old grass as
the new greens were popping through. Amazing.

In a long long list of pros and cons about moving to the city or the country, this is definitely on the country pro list. How could I possibly forfeit moments like this for a city apartment?

Or the fresh lemon thyme I picked from the garden...
one of my favorite things in life!

But then again, a work space in Brooklyn surrounded by other artists...also tops.
Of course the studios I can't even afford look like giant rat's nests with ceilings...

aaaand that would be on the con list.

The list, which is getting longer and longer by the day.

What about moving to a place with public transportation that I don't have to drive to...

There's also a few other tidbits like affordability, schools for my daughter, jobs for my husband, culture, music, art, friends, family, good living, good pizza, good Chinese food, etc. etc. etc.

Does a place exist that has it all????
Beacon or Brooklyn? Carmel or NYC?
An acre of land or 800 square feet?

Help us find a place to live!


beth mann said...

Sometimes I think the Asian food alone would move me back to the city. I'm easily motivated by food.

Samantha Palmeri said...

or Indian food for me!