April 28, 2013

Diorama Dilemmas

Some works in progress. This is what happens when I can't get to my paints. . .

Mixed materials are cardboard, paper, plastic, styrofoam, paint, glitter and hot glue.

April 12, 2013


It's a confusing world out there. I'm discovering that the more people I communicate with, the more chance there is for miscommunication.

It's the ultimate dilemma between being stuck in the isolation of an art studio and occasionally coming out to mingle with the world.

Owning an art gallery kind of brings that all to the forefront. Not like I didn't already know that. Granted it's a risk, this type of publicity, but simply put, I need the company. Life in a small town will do that to you. Although there is considerable value in my particular community service, contrary to other types of noble and necessary community functions, I consider my art enterprise a little more than a selfish ploy for cultural comradery. Connectivity is quite warming.

Which brings me back to the burning of bridges.

These miscommunications have led me astray. I'm constantly wondering is it me, or is it everyone around me.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I hereby declare: non-reciprocal relationships I will no longer accept.

Sufficient to say, if you'd like my services I'll be in the studio... as soon as I close the gallery...

April 8, 2013

Frizzy fly-aways!

I've been on something of a vacation from the Art House for over a week. I told my daughter yesterday on our way out how good it felt to be able to leave at 2:00, to come and go as I please, but how it won't feel so good when I can't go back at all after I close. I will miss it. I like having it there waiting around for me.

Perhaps I'll miss it the way I miss sugar in my coffee, or the way I miss martinis before dinner. Maybe I'll miss it the way I'd miss T.V. if I didn't have one. They're all nice to have but not really necessary. They're all bad habits that make you unhealthy in one way or another...

Running a public art space is like that for me, more of a vice and a guilty pleasure than it should be. Although it adds to my life in many ways, I end up spending all my time trying to make it work which ultimately takes me away from my true intention which is to paint and make art.

INTENTION is such a strong and important word. Something that should be kept at the top of every list under every category. Without it we flail about undecidedly, confusing everyone around including ourselves. Even so, I have to admit, sometimes even the most purposed intentions lead you in unexpected directions...

...art wrestling

I wish I were a better writer and could actually control this pen in my hand. My writing is more of a purge at misgiven times. Unannounced recordings that occur the moment before they combust in my brain. I wish I could learn to corral them more successfully, I mean more intentionally. It's the same way I go into the studio with all these intentions and come out with something completely different all the time.

Reminds me of the conversation I was having the other day with Jocelyn, my good friend who also cuts my hair. When you have this curly hair that I have you don't really have control over the thing, you're just sort of in charge of it. It will ultimately have it's way no matter what. Sounds like my writing. Sounds like my artwork these days too. In fact sounds like pretty much everything these days.

Maybe all art is that way, coming and going and flailing around as it pleases. We're just the officers in charge for the day trying to corral those frizzy fly-aways!