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December 3, 2013


You know how sometimes when you look at something or hear it over and over again it starts to take on a different meaning depending on what's going on in your life?

For a while now I've had this mantra in my head...

You know the slogan for the cooking channel on cable television, Stay Hungry?

S t a y   H u n g r y

Ambition is a funny thing.  I'm starting to think that it falls into the category of you either have it or you don't..

Last week my mother bought a piano down the same hallway of the American Ballet Theater where I met Mikhail Baryshnikov 25 years ago.

Mikhail Baryshnikov

Sometimes you bypass the most important moments of your life. because of fear or doubt or guilt. I wrote a not so good essay when I was 19 years old about a day my dream came true when I danced with Mikhail Baryshnikov. He was the director of ABT at the time I auditioned for their teen program. He just happened to take the class with us that day. the full class. opposite us at the barre. my idol in tights and leg warmers less than two yards away plieing and ronds de jambing along with us. Only a year before, I had made it into the prestigious high school of performing arts in NYC. But I didn't actually go..

I think about leaving NYC after I graduated the School of Visual Arts because my boyfriend at the time didn't stick around, or taking a teaching job instead of the uptown art gallery assistant job I already had... Why did I do that?

I was just randomly watching an old episode of Fame, thinking, was that really the school I could have gone to?

Some people are content to do nothing and some people just want what they want no matter what's standing in their way.

New York City is full of it. My current town has never heard of it.

 It's that driving force that puts a spell on everything you do and think.

What do you think, is ambition a necessary factor to success? Is it something you learn or are you born with it?

the poster that hung in my bedroom for years