December 31, 2014

happy new year

Happy New Year! 

Two thousand fifteen will mark the beginning of the Art Wrestler's third year! (well, technically the fourth but I started at the very end of 2012 so it doesn't really count!)

A lot has happened this year which accounts for the fact that there were a lot less posts to share with you. I believe my tiny readership may have slimmed down even further. I'm hoping to rectify that by bringing you many more teeming articles in the upcoming months.

I have been really happy in my new studio space and it is inspiring all kinds of ideas for new projects, discussions, entanglements, etc. So far I have been able to complete ten paintings in just the last 5 months, and I imagine spending even more time there after the new year.

Since I don't have much of an end of the year round-up myself, and since they've done all the work for us already, I'm including here links to Hyperallergic's vast array of best of lists for 2014.

See if you agree-

I'll see you in the new year!

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December 30, 2014

the life of a painting

started the day finishing these two paintings...

...and ended the day with something entirely different
I guess I missed my old lines

How do you get a line to smile at you or say hello to the line standing next to it?
or "Merry Christmas" or "I saw you in the supermarket last week"?
Is this possible? Can lines exchange such pleasantries?
Should they be required to make such small talk?

There comes a moment in the life of a painting when
it's not enough to leave behind an idea that something may have just happened here.
There comes a moment when line needs to speak to line,
with color asking all the questions for a change.

This way we could all be in it together, frolicking around, acting out.

I'm not quite there yet... almost.

December 9, 2014

christmas 2014

well, grandma's Christmas present was stolen off the front porch,
the tree is way crooked, the eggnog gave me a hangover, the chestnuts killed my fingers,
but the house looks lovely! 

 We are warm and cozy..

It's still been the greatest 6 months in our new little house, which I think was made just for the holidays. I'm proud of myself that this year I will not be too distracted. Christmas is two weeks away and I don't care. I've spent two days decorating the house, I'll spend one week shopping for presents and food for Christmas dinner, and tomorrow I'll be back in the studio working.
All is as it should be!

Merry Christmas people!

December 3, 2014

food glorious food

So sorry to veer off the topic but I just read one of the greatest forewords to a book and had to share it with you. I've been doing a lot of reading lately, on pretty much every topic under the sun. My books from the library are probably all overdue but I don't care. Splayed on the coffee table right now are:  
Bauhaus by Magdalena Droste, An Affair to Remember, The Remarkable Love Story of Katherine Hepburn & Spencer Tracy by Christopher Anderson, Nora Ephron's I feel bad about my neck and other thoughts on being a woman, Josef Albers' Interaction of Color, and Ex Libris, Confessions of a Common Reader by Anne Fadiman, who is so ridiculously smart and funny I can barely get through the book.

The foreword I read this morning, however, did not come from any of these. The massive Great Italian Cookbook published in 1986, given to me by my mother-in-law several years ago, literally fell off the top of the refrigerator over a week ago and has been sitting on the kitchen table ever since waiting for me to either open it or set it back up on the fridge. Since I decided on pasta for dinner tonight I figured I'd open it up for some inspiration. Lots of inspiration of course, the book weighs about 6 pounds. But the foreword, fervently written by Giovanni Nuvoletti Perdomini, the president of the Italian Academy of Cookery, really caught my attention. What other cookbook foreword quotes Descartes, Horace and Dante, or compares "a voluptuous layer of polenta" to a sculpture by Antonio Canova? My favorite quote:
Our belief is that God, having punished the sinner with hunger, then rewarded human endeavor with appetite. At the divine invention of water to quench thirst, man's ingenuity responded in turn with the invention of wine... As a reward for this inspired invention, God - in admiration - bestowed on man alone among all creatures on Earth the gift to enjoy drinking without being thirsty... man found a way to transform hunger into a chosen pleasure, elevating it to appetite. On this foundation civilization built up the science of gastronomy.
creepy photo by James Ostrer
I love this guy! He not only insults an entire century of anxious pill-poppers who are "terrorized by faddish diets, hounded by food technology's fiendish new weapon, deep-frozen convenience meals", he boldly pledges his allegiance to the institution of the family, to cuisine as a rich and evolving creative expression, and to Italy's national culture, exclaiming, "we will associate with neither posturing gourmets nor blase nostalgia mongerers." Was 1986 really an atmosphere of 'devastating haste and vulgarity'? My Sicilian head is shaking yeah, maybe.

1986 might be a little dated but here in the 21st century I just this instant came across a holiday advertisement, "8 Words for Eating" which included gorge, gobble and scarf. I am certain this persistent pitch for callous gluttony would put Giovanni over the edge. After all, "this art is major; it nourishes the mortals." Note the word ART.

In the spirit of holiday feasting I thought it fitting to bring this all up now.

I'm wishing all of you a holiday season filled with "large family meals, where laughter and spirited conversation are felicitously married with a noble and unashamed pleasure in good food"!

November 14, 2014

scenes from my art studio, November 14th

I have had a renewed determination lately to get as much work done as humanly possible. It all started with an amazing and inspiring talk at the Garrison Art Center by artist Judy Pfaff (who I'll write more on later as she is my absolute new favorite artist). It also coincided with what I thought would be an open studio event at my studio building last week, which by the way, didn't even know had a name: "KUBE". Although it turned out to be free chips and red wine for someone else's opening, I ended up with an organized and raring to go studio space, which is always a much needed good thing.

here's my space last week just about ready for company

This morning I started my day looking around and thinking,
"I don't know what the hell I'm doing but I sure am doing a hell of a lot of it".

studio view this morning November 14th, 2014

sculpture pieces

It's been an interesting week. Monday I met my studio neighbor for the first time and another painter down the hall. Tuesday I brought my daughter to work with me. Wednesday I went and bought some new painting tools to play with and a space heater to keep me from freezing. Guess whose landlord decided to turn the heat on as soon as I plugged it in?

space heater
painting tools

my new favorite toy
Thursday I ended up cleaning all my brushes before I went home. I also may have had a great moment of clarity (which doesn't happen often by the way), so much that I changed my plans for Friday so I could spend another day working.

dirty paint brushes

I now have 6 paintings I am working on simultaneously, the source of which is all the same two globs I've had tacked to my wall for years.

meet my muse: the mark on the right and his dialogue

After all of this and due to all of it, the end of the day, and week, appeared much more promising than the start of it.

the two pieces I worked on today
this one might actually be finished
this one definitely isn't

October 28, 2014

Feeling Groovy

some exciting news to report:

yellow is making an appearance in my paintings for the first time ever
perhaps neon next
one possible cause
my new sunglasses have been turning this into one of the greatest autumns ever

also I now say "morning" to people on the street on my walk to school to drop off my daughter
with a nod of the head to boot like Bert from Mary Poppins tipping his hat in 1964

when I get to my studio I'm doing a little Mister Rogers rendition
switching my street shoes to painting shoes before I get my smock on
and pretty happy about it too
no whistling or singing yet
however Feeling Groovy did pop into my head the other morning

this pretty much sums up the reasoning for no long drawn out blog posts lately

it's that I have absolutely nothing to complain about!

I've been feeling so un-self-conscious lately
all the things that used to bother me that I blogged about
have become moot issues.
like organizing my studio,
and worrying about getting too distracted and wasting all my time,
wondering about the work I make and the clutter in my house,
ambition, success,
even if I have enough books on my bookshelf...
(all blogs that I have written)
it's hard to believe but true.

even with all my usual procrastinating and laziness
this new found freedom has brought all kinds of groovy things my way
including a great new work ethic.
I can't drag myself away from the studio some days!
I'm even happier doing all the annoying domestic things that I used to hate.

self-consciousness is such an interesting thing because it's both positive and negative at the same time. socially it's uncomfortably nervous and ill at ease. that's the negative part, but for an artist it's a necessary sense of self awareness and idiosyncrasy. uncertainty is an artist's friend because you need that kind of truthfulness to make anything worthwhile. I think what I'm learning is how to keep my self-consciousness in the studio and leave it there when I go home. I guess my emotions are learning to behave themselves for a change...

October 15, 2014

The updated web site

Here's a look at my updated web site:

Every once in a while it needs to be reorganized and newer work added to the mix. 

Man, I really gotta get to work! Hopefully I'll be back soon with more to show you!

October 14, 2014


I'm giving my web site a bit of a face lift and have decided to eliminate the whole "collages" page. I just thought there were way too many things going on. So enjoy!

paper & watercolor collages, 2014

Samantha Palmeri, collage
Samantha Palmeri, collage
Samantha Palmeri, collage   Samantha Palmeri, collage

mixed media collages & dioramas, 2013
(materials include paper, plastic, foam, glitter, watercolor, acrylic & hot glue)

collage oct
collage oct 3
Samantha Palmeri, collage
IMG_9279 IMG_9275

paper collages with handmade paper, 2013

Samantha Palmeri, collage
Samantha Palmeri, collage Samantha Palmeri, collage Samantha Palmeri, collage Samantha Palmeri, collage

watercolor collages, 2013

il_570xN.487915045_cr4a il_570xN.487871858_4o50

October 2, 2014

braided sculpture

here's some braided sculpture from this past week. part of a series of knots, balls, and chains all in progress and made with spray foam. stay tuned to see where this is going...

sculpture by Samantha Palmeri

sculpture by Samantha Palmeri

sculpture by Samantha Palmeri

sculpture by Samantha Palmeri

sculpture by Samantha Palmeri

sculpture by Samantha Palmeri

sculpture by Samantha Palmeri

all images copyrighted by Samantha Palmeri 2014

September 18, 2014

art studio activity

this was my studio at 10 am this morning. lots of activity going on. all very new works in progress.

studio view

this series of small paintings each measure 16X20"
remember those drawings I did of the ocean?!

oil paintings 
I'm still having fun with my spray foam and have been going back and forth between the painting and the sculpture. new this week are the braids.
braided sculpture 

I'm also trying out different metallic paints on them. it just occurred to me this is my spray foam ball and chain!

Samantha Palmeri spray foam sculpture 2014
oil paint and metallic pigment

and here's the studio at the end of the day. a little cleaner and with three new canvases on the left just barely started.

studio view