July 24, 2013

How to creatively hide the clutter while selling your house

Clutter is a nice word for what it really is.

Between my musician percussionist videographer husband, my 10 year old daughter who plays the cello, the clarinet, and the piano, and me, who has saved a lifetime of artwork, art supplies, and ideas scrawled on the backs of every little thing... there is so much stuff.

The conundrum of showing your house to potential buyers is that there's no where to hide it all. They want to see everything, your closets, cabinets, pantry and storage shed. They even look in your bathtub.

In the two months we've been 'selling' our house I've learned a few tricks. Any place can be a potential hiding place. So far my favorites are:

1)  under the computer desk
2)  behind the bookshelf
3)  in the car
4)  under the bed
5)  inside the hamper

It's no joke. A lovely piece of fabric hanging from a tension rod beneath the desk I'm sitting at nicely hides 3 boxes, a binder, a bag and a large paper cutter. That little space between the bookshelves and the wall perfectly fits two boxes of extra books I have no place for. Under the bed is pretty self explanatory. The car happened to be the perfect location for the

empty plastic bins that I don't need right now but will as soon as someone buys the house. The 100 degree weather this past week has most likely melted some of that pile permanently into the back seat, but, small price to pay. Last but not least, yes, I shoved our clean beach bag and blanket into the hamper the other day after a last minute caller left us little time to get it together.

All this and the so called potential buyer's only comment is that the converted garage still looks too much like a garage. I haven't given up yet. Although we've been throwing stuff out like crazy, for borderline hoarders this could take a while...

Here's an important tip for artists.

If somewhere in the back of your unsuccessful mind you imagined a slew of biographers visiting your grandchildren wanting to see every morsel of art you ever created from kindergarten on, forget it. If you can't bring yourself to throw it out, hire a photographer, or get out your tripod, and photograph every lousy drawing and rolled up painting you have tucked away in every corner of your life, and then Throw It All Out!
The few shots that your biographer is ever going to need or actually use for the book are just not worth taking up all your space for. Nothing you did in college is ever going to resurface. And, as long as you have the photos all is not lost. You can take them out and ponder your artistic journey anytime you like. It's a lot easier than rummaging through 85 scrunched up rolls of unlabeled work from 25 years ago. Trust me, Keep the gems, get rid of the rest.
Just think about how many times you've read, say, a Francis Bacon biography or some other great artist and thought, Damn I'd rather be looking at those ugly paintings he destroyed.

But, I digress. Of the many piles of garbage accumulated in front of my house in the last few weeks, old artwork was just one. Here's some pics of items I photographed before I trashed them back when I was still sentimental... Obviously the bathroom closet was the first to go!

July 1, 2013

Binge Blogging

The word BINGE is such a weird word. the more you say it the more it doesn't seem right. 
V e r y   b a r i t o n e .

The dictionary meaning -
a. A period of unrestrained, immoderate self-indulgence. 

OK, but what do you call a person who indulges in bingeing??

while looking it up I came across the word BEINGER. huh?

It's an adjective and means alive, in existence

Maybe not such a coincidence since being a binger, which is not a word by the way, would imply a correlation between the two. Bingeing and existing.

One who binges may not exist, but going on a bender definitely does. 

And there's the actual word againB I N G E
Let's have a fling! Let's go on a spree! Now that sounds much better.

Man I love language and metaphors!

Lee Price painting
Lee Price, Jelly Doughnuts, oil on linen, 40 x 64 inches
All of this in an effort to say that I am a binger, or in this case, one who goes on binges. I seem to apply this behavior to almost every aspect of my life. There are of course the usuals, binge eating and drinking, but there's also binge art-making, painting, cleaning, gardening, hanging out with friends... When you can't get enough even though you know you've had it. I binge everything. I binge on television and then I can't watch another bad movie for months. Currently I'm bingeing on a healthy cleansing diet I can't shake. (alright maybe some aren't as bad as others), but What's the deal? I'm starting to think maybe this spontaneous obsessiveness can be coerced more effectively. Like can't I make money off this thing - or something? A period of well thought out unrestraint? 
Works in Art....& Wrestling. not sure about the rest of it.

Until I figure it out at least blogging is one self-indulgence that doesn't make me angry or fat, and some people actually read it, which is cool.